The Cup Runneth Over EP is the 8th and most personal project Bizzy Amor has produced thus far. It takes a journey through his mind as he navigates the streets that drowned so many but managed to give him his strength and sense of self. It's a lyric heavy effort that promises more than a few rewinds and replays. Available on Apple Music, Tidal & Spotify!

"The Cup Runneth Over" Visuals from Bizzy Amor

Bizzy Amor - 360 II [Tournée de Film - Official Video#2] - Shot in London and it features model Noah Samassa (@noah_samassa).

Bizzy Amor - 360 II [Tournée de Film - Official Video #1] || Features models Vanessa David and Jade Pearl || Shot in London || Dir. by Bizzy Amor

Black Coffee || Shot in Lisboa City, Portugal || Directed by Bizzy Amor

RIval || Shot over the Swiss Alps || Dir. by Bizzy Amor

Freestyle Vids from Bizzy Amor

Unofficial remix to the Childish Gambino hit "Redbone" featuring Bizzy Amor. Hear Bizzy Amor's latest project "The Cup Runneth Over EP" on Apple Music, Tidal & Spotify. More info at

With all the hype surrounding the current feud between two amazing rappers, we couldn't help try our hand at the "No Frauds" beat featuring Drake, Nicki & Lil Wayne. 

Unreleased Tracks from Bizzy Amor

Enjoy the unreleased tracks that didn't make the last project.